Sunday, December 22, 2019

2 beds 1 bathroom – Townhouse

2 beds 1 bathroom – Townhouse
Agadir, Morocco

شقق فخمة مجهزة للكراء اليومي والشهري للجميع،بأكادير والنواحي للمزيد من       
  0629623515 المعلومات إتصلو على هذا الرقم

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Most Adorable Celebrity Pets and Their Famous Owners

Most Adorable Celebrity Pets and Their Famous 


While most pets would be happy with a pat on the back or a belly rub, others get a taste of the high life and want more … much more! Gold chew toys and silver litter boxes – the dogs and cats of the rich and famous are even more adorable when spoiled.

The beloved musician made room in her busy schedule to visit a marine sanctuary and went back home with an adopted sea turtle. Because the creatures require special care, Demi’s turtle will remain in the center, to be released into the wild once it reaches the right age. It warms you on the inside to see an A-list celeb like Demi show care towards a species that is threatened with extinction. As much as we enjoy seeing her kiss the turtle, that 
smooch would be better spent on a fan.

KYLIE JENNER’S HOME PROBABLY LOOKS LIKE A DOG SHELTER! The 20-year-old surrounded herself with all kinds of adopted doggies, one more pampered than the other. The latest additions to the squad are two of the cutest four-legged devils we ever saw – Bambi and Norman. Much to the surprise of Kylie, the two played parents, thus further expanding the Jenner family. It remains to see how well all these dogs get along with the star’s newborn daughter, Stormi.
MILEY CYRUS SHOCKED EVERYONE (ONCE MORE) WHEN SHE FLAUNTED HER NEWEST PET PIGLET. Bubba Sue came along at a time when the musician explored her wildest side. As you can see, Miley had many nasty things to learn from an animal that is not shy of eating its poo. What Hannah Montana failed to take into account was that pigs eat pretty much anything and grow at a staggering pace. In less than a year, the adorable pet that once fitted a purse became large enough to require a barn. Miley continued to use Bubba Sue as a way of expressing her artistic nature, keeping her ears well insulated from the suggestions to turn the piglet into ham.
WITH HER UNCONTROLLABLE LOVE FOR CATS, TAYLOR SWIFT COULDN’T POSSIBLY MISS FROM OUR LIST. This pop princess started her hurray into the world of pet owners with a white kitty named Olivia Benson. As you can see, Taylor trained her to be as spoiled and as moody as possible. Next came along Meredith Grey, another cat whose name referred to a beloved TV show character. Flying around in private plans, enjoying golden litter boxes, and chewing MTV Music Awards – now that’s the life!
LIAM HEMSWORTH IS FAMOUS ENOUGH TO AFFORD A SILLY POSE ON INSTAGRAM OCCASIONALLY. The Last Song” actor imitated the “wide-eyes, tongue out” of his pet dog Tani and the result is hilarious. Bringing a smile on your face from something as simple as a funny face – that’s only one advantage of owning a dog. However, Liam didn’t stop at one. Together with girlfriend Miley, he can stage dog racing effortless. The Australian actor is a huge advocate of pet rescue and uses almost each photo opportunity to highlight just how wonderful adoption can be.

Friday, November 29, 2019

7 Game Android Mmorpg Anime Terbaru Tahun 2019

7 Game Android Mmorpg Anime Terbaru Tahun 2019

Download: Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds Download: - Re-Evolve Download: Naruto Slugfeast Download: Mabinogi Fantasy Life Download: Bleach 3 D Download: Soulworker Zero Download: Sword and Magic:Eternal Love Download:

Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Samsung Galaxy A10 even more affordable during Black Friday

Samsung Galaxy A10 even more affordable 
during Black Friday

Samsung's smartphone is one of the best value for money on the product sector at less than 150 euros. By lowering prices, it becomes even more interesting for someone who wants a good smartphone without breaking the bank.

Finding a good smartphone without breaking the bank was something very complicated just a few years ago. Today, many devices are very good at a rather low price. The best example is the Samsung Galaxy A10, for 159 euros at its release, it had impressed us. Offered at the price of 129.88 euros on Amazon for Black Friday, it becomes even more interesting.

The Samsung Galaxy A10 in a nutshell
An impressive camera for its price
A very good autonomy
Android with the OneUI interface

Saturday, November 23, 2019




It is an all-in-one application and has a mitigation of the size of an application as an "independent tool," such as Bruma, a translator or an application for making melodies. In this way, you'll get a lot of space on disk, time and frustration looking for all the daily tools you need.

Main features
★ Small Size
★ All-in-one smart tools, social media, world news, shopping
★ An easy touch to create direct access to the start screen
★ The tools are organized according to category by which to find them very easy ►

Productivity • Usefulness • Calculation • Conversion • Navigation and medication tools

Smart Kit 360 combines in a unique way with various functions ►

1. Heart rate monitor
My heart rate with the device's camera and watch a pulse chart in real time. Checking your wrist is a simple way to get information about your health.

2. Translator (All Languages)
Easily translate words from one language to another through simple operations.

3. Multilingual Dictionary
Free online dictionaries to match all existing languages.

4. Exercise Timer
Best gymnastics companion for any of your gymnasium entranamientos house

5. Cache Cleaner, RAM Booster
Keep your phone clean! Cleansing files is low, cache memory and device RAM increase.

6. Ahorro of battery
Improve and extend the life of your battery with this unique touch optimizer.

7. Sound Meter
Control the current level of acoustic pressure and its spectrum.

8. Map
Get directions faster, find places, change your current location on the map, and share your GPS coordinates

9. Brújula

10. Magnifying Glass

11. Espejo
Mirate using your noche front camera included.

12. Conveyor

13. Audio and Video Cutter
Select the pieza / escena that you want to cut and this tool will take care of the rest.

14. Metal Detector
Detects the magnetic field of the surrounding materials and observes it in a graph in real time.

15. Note Pad
Take notes easily in your favorite colors. Back up notes, keep organized!

16. Currency converter
Convierte between different monedas. The monedas update automatically.

17. Calculator and Graph
Haga Basic Calculations with Charts

18. Unit Converter
Convert between different physical units.

19. Audio Grabber

20. Metronome
Classical metronome with adjustable time.

21. Tune Tuner
Tune in to the tone of your voice or your musical instruments. You can also play the corrected tone.

22. Code Scanner
Scan the bar and QR codes quickly with your camera.

23. File Administrator, Root Explorer
File Administrator with Root Explorer.

24. Altimeter
Calculates your elevation by GPS

25. Abacus
Simple calculation tool and useful learning device

26. Rule
Easily measure the dimensions of different objects.

27. Leveler

28. Speedometer
Great useful speed and distance information for your travel.

29. Light

30. Checklist, Recordatory
Haga them with a flexible list of outstanding items.

31. Stopwatch

32. Vibrometer
Measure the vibrations in the three phases: X, Y, Z and many refer to the seismic vibrations classified by the Mercalli intensity scale. GET HERE!

Saturday, September 15, 2018

The iPhone XS Giveaway

The iPhone XS Giveaway


It’s the most wonderful time of the year. The time when Apple enthusiasts everywhere standby with excitement awaiting the latest and greatest Apple iPhone. The iPhone XS was worth the wait and delivers major upgrades right where we want them. Forget the waitlist and the heavy price tag. Enter now to win your very own 512GB iPhone XS in Space Gray

The Camera:
  • Dual camera with 12-megapixel wide & telephoto lenses
  • Detects faces & bodies, instant red-eye reduction, adjustable depth in portrait mode, smart HDR to identify shadow, and MORE
The Details:
  • A12 Bionic chip is faster than ever
  • P68 water-resistance rating
  • Longer battery life: lasts 30 minutes longer than iPhone X
  • Dual-SIM card to support two phone numbers
  • Faster Face ID
  • 3D Touch pressure-sensitive screen
  • Stereo sound with a wider stereo field than 2017 iPhones
  • iOS 12 software

Total Value: $1,349!!